What is happening in the world?

It saddens me to hear with what’s happening in the world.

Two days ago, Beirut suffered two suicide bomb attacks that left 43 killed and 239 in critical condition. It is being considered the deadliest in the capital since the end of Lebanon’s war in 1990. This incident was not covered in the press as much as the attacks on Paris. 

A bomb went off in Bagdhad and I have yet to see people’s status’ or facebook profile pictures show any support for this because not a single person whose whiteness caused the media to roar in rage. 

Korea had a peaceful protest turn into a deadly and vicious one where even their own people who are there to protect them, started to spray water with capsaicin. Even people who were not protesting, were beaten and taken to hospital. 

In the USA, two colleges were attacked by the KKK and anti-black people who threatened to shoot up any black person they saw walk on campus. They ran around shooting pellet guns and terrifying black students by yelling, “Kill all n*ggers” and yet, I have not seen the media speak on this situation either. 

In Kenya, 147 people are dead after an assault in Garissa University by al-Shabab militants. Two security guards were shot dead, shootings started on campus and then was followed by students being shot on the spot in their university classrooms. Reports say that the militants killed anyone who could not recite verses from the Koran. Where was the compassion from the media and everyone when this was happening? Do people only seem to care when white people are being murdered? POC MATTER TOO.

Yesterday, Paris was attacked by seven terror attacks by ISIS. Around 129 people have been killed and 352 are injured. People were attending a rock concert where suicide bombings had gone off and many people were in critical condition. It has come apparent that some of the attackers have actually been living in the area since 2012. A mix of suicide bombs, hostages, and even mass shootings clogged the medias attention. 

Between the first incident and this one; Paris has received the most attention from people and the media. Where is the media when over thousands of Syrian refugees are being killed every single day from terrorism? Where was the media and uproar of an audience when Mizzou College was under attack by the KKK/Anti-Black protesters? I am not here to say that we should pit incidents like these one another. Absolutely not. But I am disgusted to say I live in a world like this. Where is the peace and humanity for one another? I am sick of hearing of all the violence. I am tired.


One thought on “What is happening in the world?

  1. Unfortunately the media are like little children with a new toy. Fascinated with it for a very short time, before moving on to something completely different wanting you to be interested in what they are doing. Its very true that it seems criminal other events which are equal in its impact to society are almost ignored. At the end of the day we live in a world with imaginary borders created on paper, which sadly are used to decide whats shown and whats not.


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